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What is Antimalware Doctor?

If you are seeing a fake software called Antimalware Doctor on your computer, it could be the main reason why you are seeing unusual items and actions in your computer.

Other signs would be warning alerts, prompts asking you to download full version of the program and sudden slowness of your computer.

The Antimalware Doctor Virus is a rogue program after your money.

It can possibly acquire of falling into the trap of purchasing its licensed version. Once this program settles in your computer, do expect trouble.

The sneaky part is you won’t know you have until you see the signs. You are going to want to get rid of it immediately.

The virus is triggered as soon as you boot up your computer. It spreads files across your computer’s system and shortly afterwards conducts a scanning procedure.

It would then detect the files it spread earlier as harmful viruses and will need to be removed from your computer immediately.

Of course it would really be scary to receive such warnings. No one wants their computer infected. You will be bombarded with pop-ups saying the same thing.

It will then ask you to purchase the full version claiming it can get rid of the problem.

But then again, Antimalware Doctor Virus is bogus. First of all, it doesn’t really the ability to scan and it cannot detect infections.

Therefore you can expect it not to remove or fix the problem. So don’t buy anything. It’s just one huge scam to rid you of your money.

Your probably asking where it came from. Well they are scattered all over the web. Some can be acquired through unsafe sites.

While some are embedded in hacked ads that by clicking them can trigger the transfer into your computer. One has to be keen about anything suspicious.

How To Remove Antimalware Doctor Virus

Although the rogue program is a scam, it should not be ignored. It needs to be removed from your computer as soon as possible before it does further damage. There are two approaches that you can choose from. If an expert in the field of computers, then you can try the manual process. The other approach is the automated process.

The first process is a bit too technical and warrants a computer to do the job of removing the fakeware from your machine.

The terms would be difficult to understand for someone who is not familiar with computers.

But if you are qualified, the initial step is to stop the malicious program. You can do this by going into your Task Manager and find Antimalware Doctor.exe.

Once found, make sure to click on “End Process”. Next is to find related files usually having.exe, DLL and LNK extension. Don’t forget to also delete registry entries associated with the badware.

The manual process can be complex and if not an expert may cause more problems. That is why a lot of computer users prefer the automated process of removing bogus programs.

All you need is a trustworthy worthy to get the job done. It’s faster and guaranteed to be more effective.

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