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Important Terms for Computer Security

Due to the advancement of the technology it is easy to focus on the computer when it comes to transferring personal information.

When you get permission from a patient to release information they have the right to know where their information is going.

If they were seen by a doctor in their office then the patient can expect the billing office to review their information because they will need to bill their insurance company for reimbursement purposes.

The first term you will learn is the acronym for the Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the next term in class will most likely be “Authorization” and this is gaining a formal approval before providing access prednisone pills. This makes sense, you are asking for permission before you look or take something from a person.

“Audit trails” are programs that record system activity and contain who accessed the system, when they accessed the system, and what was accessed in the system. It will also note if there were any additions, changes or deletes.

Was it an accident or on purpose? This is something that you would have to investigate with the person. In HIPAA training you will hear about how important it is to have an “anti-virus” program on your computer system.

Pay attention to this part of the training, you do not want your computer system open to virus that can damage and corrupt your data. An anti-virus system is the right thing to do to maintain continuity of protection to your computer system.

“Biometric” is another neat feature that has come a long way for people working with sensitive material and with computers.

It is used as a form of recognition and authentication. You may use your fingerprints, voice recognition, or retinal and iris scans. About ten years ago it was something people kept saying was coming and it has been here at least five years. We see it in the movies but we have several places using the methods today in their facilities.

Then an all time favorite is “Auto logoff” this is basically a timeout on the computer. If there is inactivity for a certain period of time with the computer it goes to a screen saver mode and logs off the user forcing them to log back in with their password.

These are terms you will hear in HIPAA training.

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