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Getting Rid of Malware – A Brief How To

Malicious software and viruses still present problems for many PC users.

I guess I’m amazed at the many people who allow their anti-virus to expire, believing they are still protected. When your anti-virus expires, it’s like having none at all.

When you have anti-virus, it is absolutely useless, when your signatures are not up to date. Sure, most of these protection methods are seem less, but you should pay attention to them periodically, inspect what you expect.

Prevention should be a part of your web surfing habits. There are many online sites; you need to be careful of when you browse them. For instance, downloading games on the internet is simply inviting pop ups and malicious software to your PC.

Sure, you have anti-virus and firewalls (and many users do not), but you cannot throw caution out of the window. Use caution when reading those pop up messages, many trick you into believing you are closing a window when you are authorizing the installation of malicious software.

When your antivirus is outdated, malicious software or “Malware” is easily installed on your system and this is how the infection starts.

Most malware programs will disable your anti-virus and prevent you from going on to the internet. With many of these viruses and Trojans, you’re presented with a piece of software to install first.

You are not free to surf the internet as usual because of these malicious programs that take over your PC.

Removing malware is a step by step process and most computer shops will charge you $30 – $60 dollars to do it. You can take matters into your own hands and clean your system yourself.

Without doing some free advertising for the many software companies out there, you can easily download software that will remove your malware in bytes, look at the word closely, that was a hint.

Install it and simply run it. Is it as simple as that? For many, yes! However if your PC really needs some spring cleaning, you can always contact me for some in-depth guidance.

The internet is loaded with information on how to remove malware from your PC. Most computers will have different symptoms, but the symptoms that I find common with infected computers are:

· Outdated anti-virus

· Pop up windows when you click on your internet browse

· You cannot access the internet when you previously could

Plenty of free and open source programs exist for your computer and you don’t have to get infected with bad software from the internet.

Protect your PC; get some antivirus before malware forces you offline.

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Jonathan is a senior editor at Sidelayer Security, covering data recovery, computer security and malware topics. Previously, Jonathan did wonders as a technical writer and journalist in the internet security industry.

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